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Grinding Machine

NSK Industries - Grinding Machine: A manufacturer of MDF boards was facing problems of premature bearing failures every 2-3 months on the work roll of the grinding machine. Shock loads and vibrations significantly impacted on the bearing overall performance.

Belt washer

NSK Industries - Belt washer: A trail with NSK ball bearings Molded-Oil was agreed, which resulted in an increase of bearing life from 3 months to over 12 months

Band Saw Machine

NSK Industries - Band saw machine: A customer experienced failures in a silicon saw application. NSK proposed to replace the bearings with Deep Groove Ball Bearings using Molded-Oil lubrication.

Ink Pad Roller

NSK Industries - Ink Pad Roller: A magazine priniting company was using open Deep Groove Ball Bearings in an ink pad roller application. NSK recommended Deep Groove Ball Bearings with DDU seals, resulting in no bearing failures reported within a month.


NSK Industries - Conveyor: One potash processing plant had problems with chain conveyor's plummer blocks equipped with tapered roller bearings. The bearings failed several times per year due to tough operation conditions (production dust, high shaft temperature).

Electric Motor

NSK Industries - Electric Motor: NSK performed an Application Review at a maintenance company. Due to the use of Sealed Super Precision Bearings bearing failures could be reduced and the bearing service life could be increased

Table Guide for Woodworking Machines

NSK Industries - Table Guide for Woodworking Machines: a higher tolerance pulley bearing combined with a training package enabled fault-free running of the machine and reduced fitting times for the bearings

Spindle of Grinding Machine

NSK Industries - Spindle of Grinding Machine: Within NSK's own precision plant, a grinding machine was experiencing raceway form errors. After numerous attempts to correct the form error, the fault remains unidentified.

Horizontal Machining Centre

NSK Industries - Horizontal Machining Centre: NSK Sealed Super Precision Angular Contact Bearings for increased productivity and reduced maintenance costs

Machine Center

NSK Industries - Machine Center: A worldwide manufacturer of automotive components was having significant unplanned downtime due to the failure of the Ball Screws in the Machining Center.

Tire Manufacturing

NSK Industries - Tyre Manufacturing: By introducing a higher specification NSK Ball Screw, life time was extended, increasing uptime and efficiency whilst reducing unplanned failures.

Exhaust Ventilation Application

NSK Industries - Exhaust Ventilation Application: Spherical Roller Bearings and NSK training "Application of NSK Bearings" improve productivity


NSK Success Stories - Petrochemical: NSK was requested by the customer to provide a custom training course around the needs of their engineers formaintenance

Centrifugal Pump

NSK Industries - Centrifugal Pump: NSK proposed a trial using a Deep Groove Ball Bearing set-up, which was successful with no bearing problems in a 12 months period

Concrete (sett) thickener

NSK Industries - Concrete (sett) thickener: NSK high integrity fluoride rubber contact seals offer extended lifetime & zero maintenance requiremement

Concrete Pipe Cutting

NSK Industries - Concrete Pipe Cutting: NSK Molded-Oil bearings with a DDU seal allow a significant reduction in maintenance costs, improved productivity and zero lost production.

Band Saw

NSK Industries - Band Saw: NSK Deep Groove Ball bearings with high performance DDU sealing show a significant improvement in bearing life

Conveyor Application for a Quarrying & Mining Company

NSK Industries - Conveyor Application for a Quarrying & Mining Company: Increased productivity and reduced maintenance costs resulting in a $15,418 cost saving

Vibrating Drum

NSK Industries - Vibrating Drum: Failed Bearing Analysis showed that fine sand particles were entering the bearing causing early failure

Vibrating Screen

NSK Industries - Vibrating Screen: reduction in manufacturing costs, improvement of bearing performance and reliability


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