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Food & Beverage Industries

As a longtime partner to some of the World´s leading food and beverage manufacturers, NSK has gained enormous experience and understanding of the industry enabling us to help our customers manage their costs and improve production efficiencies.
In addition to the need to be highly reliable, maintenance-free and operate at high speeds, bearings for the food processing industry have to comply with the hygiene requirements synomymous with the industry.

To meet these rigorous demands, we've developed a comprehensive range of products specifically for the processing machinery components, such as washing systems, baking machinery, conveying systems, electric motors and pumps and more.

Condition Challenge

Bearings face immense and varied challenges in this industry: chemical exposure, continuous washdowns, fluctuating temperatures, even contamination. Since bearing failure can shut down entire processing lines, understanding the causes of the problem and acting quickly to find solutions to it is vital. This is the Condition Challenge.    

At NSK we are well aware of these demands, and consider the conditions that bearings work in as an important factor in their development and design. Therefore we have grouped our bearings by the conditions they have to work under, thus making the right choice for your processing requirements that much easier: Wet and Clean, Hot and Cold, Contaminated.

Products for wet / clean conditions

  • SPACEA Series  A range of NSK speciality bearings designed to meet the most challenging needs of the food and beverage industries.
  • Molded-Oil  Designed to be maintenance-free, providing excellent performance in water- and dust-contaminated environments.
  • AIP - Asset Improvement Program - Providing solutions to problems that consume valuable time and money and impact profitability.

Wet / clean conditions

Applications requiring hygiene, cleanliness and consequently frequent washdowns.

NSK has a range of bearings specifically developed with materials including sealing and lubrication requirments to fulfil the demands of machinery components in such challenging environments. 

We understand that clean application conditions are a necessity on machinery where frequent decontamination is required, or where edible process materials come into contact with bearings. We also understand how frequent washdowns can damage bearings, leading to costly downtime and increasing maintenance needs. With our industry experience, we can help select right bearing for your application requirements- reducing the costs of downtime.


  • ES1 Stainless  ES1 provides better corrosion resistance than standard stainless steel in high humidity environments.
  • Aqua bearings  Equipped with special features to meet a broad range of light applications in water, alkali and strong acid environments.
  • Nickel Coated bearings  Coating on the inner and outer rings enhances corrosion resistance and durability.
  • Silver-Lube®  Corrosion-resistant bearing units designed for use in industries where frequent wash-downs are necessary.
  • Life-Lube™  Combines the corrosion resistance of Silver-Lube™ and the exceptional lubricating properties of Molded Oil™.
  • Stainless steel mounted units  With Molded Oil™ bearings, stainless steel mounted units are appropriate for applications where cleanliness and high corrosion resistance are necessary.


Contaminated conditions

Food and beverage processing requires machinery that works reliably in contaminated conditions. Ever increasing health and safety legislation means processing companies demand safer products and cleaner machinery. At NSK, we recognize these needs  and have developed a range of bearings suitable for applications where incidental contact with the product may occur, or where contamination is present.


Contaminated conditions

  • Molded Oil  Environmentally friendly self lubricating bearings offering high performance in applications contaminated with water and dust.
  • Triple Lip Seal Sealed bearings that continue to perform despite exposure to heavy dust and water contamination.
  • Aqua bearings Equipped with special features to meet a broad range of light applications in water, alkali and strong acid environments.


Hot / cold conditions  

Hot / heat conditions
Applications where bearings are subjected to sustained temperatures up to 260°C.

Bearings in many food and beverage applications must sustain constant high temperatures, sometimes more than 90°C for dehydration, up to 160°C for frying and up to 260°C for baking and roasting. NSK bearing materials provide solutions to ensure that your machinery continues to perform reliably even under these conditions.

Cold conditions 
Applications where bearings are subjected to sustained zero / subzero temperatures.

Bearings in the food and beverage industries often also must perform under very low temperatures, we have designed a range of bearings that continue to perform reliably at zero and subzero temperatures.


  • Nickel Coating Resistant to chemical wash processes.
  • HLT inserts  Provide opportunities to reduce maintenance, downtime and replacement costs in high/low temperature environments.


NSKHPS (High Performance Standard) Spherical Roller Bearings

High Performance Standard spherical roller bearing offer the highest load ratings as well as an optimized raceway design and surface finish. 


K1 Lubrication Unit

NSK’s K1 Unit is a revolutionary system of lubrication; the composition of the K1 material consists of 70% mineral oil and 30% polyolefin resin >>

Stainless Steel Housings with Molded-Oil inserts


Molded-Oil Bearings

Containing NSK’s original oil-impregnated material offering continuous lubrication during operation- suitable for corrosive and dust-contaminated environments. >>

Molded Oil Product Sheet

Bearings Prepacked with LG2/LGU Grease

Achieves lower particle emissions and longer service life in comparison to conventional fluorine greases.  >>

Hybrid Ball Bearings

With a combination of ceramic balls and fluororesin self-lubricating cages, Hybrid bearings are suitable for corrsoive environments from normal to vacuum atmospheres.  >>

High Capacity - HR Series

Increased dynamic load rating with larger rolling elements to help improve machinery life performance.  >>

Sealed Spherical Roller Bearings

Promoting a clean working enviroment, these bearings offer long-life performance & reliability under harsh & contaminated conditions.  >>

Stainless Steel Ball Bearings

Designed for high humidity environments.  >>

Self-Lube® HLT Inserts

These inserts provide opportunities to reduce maintenance, downtime and replacement costs in operation at extreme temperatures.  >>

Triple-Lip Sealed Inserts

Sealed inserts are perfect for applications where bearings are exposed to heavy dust and water contamination.  >>

Nickel Alloy Coated Ball Bearings

Nickel coating on the outer & inner rings to enhance corrosion resistance & durability.  >>

Aqua Bearings

A special fluororesin on outer/inner rings, balls & cages equipped to meet a broad range of light load applications in water, alkali & strong acid environments.  >>


Molded Oil inserts with Silver-Lube® housing.  >>

BSS Series

Offering High-Speed and Low-Noise, BSS is quiet and compact, with unparalleled high-speed performance. Suitable for an extensive range of uses, from transportation equipment to machine tools. >>
  • AIP - Asset Improvement Program

    AIP is a comprehensive program to help customers reduce cost and increase uptime. >>

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Bearings for the Food and Beverage Industry
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