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NSK linear guides and ball screws are used in various applications and environments. A major concern in tough environments is preventing rust which occurs during wet processing in equipment using chemicals or water. NSK applies a fluororesin coating as a surface treatment electrolytic anti-rust black film to offer the optimum rust prevention. As a result, a Ionger life is acheived and  maintenance and dowtime are reduced.

Condition Description

  • Arduous Environments
  • Corrosive Environment


Product Features

  • Black plating: treated to form a stable thin film (1-2µm)
  • Fluororesin coating to enhance corrosion resistance
  • Treatment with no hydrogen brittleness


  • Excellent corrosion resistance to humidity
  • Accuracy of parts preserved, due to the low film thickness
  • Corrosion resistance to chemical exposure
  • Economical


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