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For the large bearings supporting machinery and equipment in the metal making, paper making, mining and quarrying operations, the severity of operating stresses often leads to the onset of damage long before bearings acheive their calculated life. 

Whether it is instigated by contamination or conventional fatigue mechanisms (metal-to-metal) contact), many of these cases of early bearing damage can be foreseen and contingency planning can be implemented. 

Namely, adopting a reconditioning program to extend the viable service life of these bearing assets.


  • Extract maximum service life and value from high-cost bearing assets
  • Realize savings compared to the cost of buying a new replacement bearing
  • Overcome lead times traditionally associated with large size bearing replenishment
  • Optimize inventory utilization and investment
  • Reduce carbon footprint of new bearing production

NSK owns and operates our Reconditioning Service Center in Alliance, Ohio, providing a wide array of reconditioning and bearing modification services.

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Reconditioning Services

Reconditioning services can range from polishing  and minor repairs to regrinding raceways and replacing components. Not all bearings can be restrored and put back to use. Operating conditions may be too severe, damage may to too profound.

From the outset, NSK performs a rigourous analysis to evaluate a bearing potential for successful reconditioning to like-new specifications. Additionally, we work with our customers to identify root causes of damage in order to create and implement corrective or preventative maintenance measures.

Our range of recondition services includes:

  • Pressure cleaning
  • Inspection, with damage analysis report
  • Verification of raceway, bore, inner/outer rings, cup, cone, inner, outer and roller angles
  • Provisions of new components (rolling elements, pins and cage rings) as required
  • Regrinding raceways
  • Polishing, vibratory finishing
  • Verifying and resetting clearance measured
  • Preserving, lubricating, packaging for long term storage

For all bearings restored at NSK's Reconditioning Center, our customers can expect the same adherence to process and quality assurance measures that is applied to the manufacture of original NSK bearings to ensure successful operation.

Candidacy for reconditioning is typically viable for a wide range of large-size bearings including:

  • Spherical roller bearings
  • Tapered roller bearings - single and multi-row
  • Cylindrical roller bearings - single and multi-row
  • Deep groove ball bearings


For steel mill applications in particular, NSK reconditioning services are widely employed for:

  • Caster bearings - spherical and cylindrical roller bearings
  • Work roll bearings - multi-row tapered roller bearings
  • Back-up roll bearings - multi-row cylindrical and tapered roller bearings
  • Slewing ring bearings        


Reconditioning Program


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