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Ball Screws

NSK Ball Screws - NSK offers a complete selection of Ball Screws developed through friction control technology. Exceptional production and quality control techniques have enabled NSK to become the largest global manufacturer of ball screws.

NSK products can be found  in a variety of applications including machine tools, injection molding machines, general machinery and special environments, such as semi-conductor and LCD production equipment. From miniature sizes to ultra-large sizes, we can offer standard off-the-shelf ball screws giving ease of design with shorter lead times, as well as offer  customized designs for more demanding applications.

NSK range of Ball Screws include: Standard and compact sizes, Tough Steel for high load applications, special coatings for special environments,  support units and more.

See below for a more detailed product description.

NSK Ball Screw Installation

Compact FA-Series

Available for immediate delivery of BSS Series high-speed, low-noise Ball Screws offering quiet, high-speed operating performance >>

FSS - Series Ball Screw

Equipped with a flexible stroke setting and simple support configuration the FSS Series ball screws is ideal for actuators and transfer equipment. >>

BSS Series

Offering High-Speed and Low-Noise, BSS is quiet and compact, with unparalleled high-speed performance. Suitable for an extensive range of uses, from transportation equipment to machine tools. >>

A-Series & S-Series

A standardized series for immediate delivery with: 
  • machined shaft end configuration for support units (A-Series)
  • unmachined unhardened shaft ends for easy reworking (S-Series)

HMD Series

An upgraded version of the highly regarded HMC Series, featuring new recirculation method enabling high-speed, low-noise operation. >>

HMS Series Ball Screws

Offering high speed and low noise with precision and efficiency through a fine lead zone. Suitable for high accuracy and medium sized machine tool. >>

HTF Series

Applicable for high load applications. >>

HTF-SRC Series

Developed from HTF, SRC series offers High-Speed, High-Load and is the next-generation Ball Screws for heavy load applications. >>

HTF-SRE Series

Offering higher traverse rates and lower noise, the SRE is an extension to the HTF Series.  >>

X1 Seal

Provides a highly effective interior and exterior seal for ball screws. >>

MBSA Series Motorized Ball Screw

Combines a precision ground ball screw with a NEMA stepping motor. This innovative product delivers a compact, space-saving design eliminating the need for motor couplings.  >>

BSBD Series

Offers a compact design ready for easy & accurate installation, greased for life, with sealing offering low friction and low heat generation. >>

Precision Bearings for Machine Tools Robust Series

Realiable support for high -performance machine tools offering high-accuracy and high-speed.

NSKTAC03 Series for Heavy Loads

Delivers optimal support for ball screws under heavy load conditions with high-load capacity.

NSKTAC Series for Heavy Loads & Machine Tools

Developed for heavy load support for machine tools.


Developed for support ball screws operating under high loads, the new NSKTAC-SHR series allows users to maintain high capacity performance with a smaller screw shaft end diameter. >>

Support Units for Light Loads and Small Equipment

Designed to extend ball screw life, NSK support bearings are factory lubricated with special long-life grease formulations. No-re-lubrication is required, which reduces installation time and maintenance costs. Each bearing is preloaded for maximum axial rigidity and also prevents ball skid and decreases run -out.

NSKHPS Angular Thrust Series

Improved material cleanliness to increase bearing life.  >>
  • Solid Components for Linear CAD

    CAD system for NSK Linear Products >>

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Precision Machine Components

Ball Screws, Linear Guides, Monocarriers, XY tables, Linear Actuators

Compact FA Series Ball Screw
Compact FA Series Ball Screw

Product Sheet


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BSBD Ball Screw Support Bearings
Ball Screw Specification Sheet for New Applications


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Ball Screw Product Reference Guide

Ball Screw Product Reference Guide

NSK Ball Screws for High-Load Drive

NSKTAC Series of Ball Screw Support Bearings for High-Load Applications, NSK Roller Guide RA Series (English version)


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Linear and Mechatronic Capabilities

Linear and Mechatronic Capabilities