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AIP is NSK's powerful and practical sales toolkit, consisting of a menu of NSK engineering and service solutions designed to deliver added value to end user customers by improving their machine reliability, technical knowledge and overall profitability as a result of reducing their total cost of ownership.

With AIP, NSK helps you to make your customers' operations and maintenance processes more efficient and therefore more profitable, saving them money at every step of the process, enabling them to remain market competitive in their respective industries.



The program  is comprised of five clear steps which are called the VALUE CYCLE:

Step 1 – Evaluation:

We make site visits to gather data and understand the customers' challenges.

Step 2 – Recommendation:

We use our learning, knowledge expertise and experience to create a solution, including anticipated savings for the customer.

Step 3 – Implementation:

We can assist, if required, with the installation, and testing of our recommended solution and, if appropriate, we can also refine it for improved operation.

Step 4 – Validation:

We monitor performance to ensure the anticipated results are being delivered.

Step 5 – Extension:

We collate data, share learning successes and look to expand the service to new applications.



·         Stores survey

·         Workshop survey

·         Process map

·         Bearing cross-referencing


·         Application reviews

·         Machine design support

·         OEM part conversion

·         Diagnostics


·         Product training

·         Application of NSK bearings

·         AIP training

·         Industry-specific training


·         Bearing condition analysis

·         Failed bearing analysis

·         Lubrication analysis

·         Material and dimensional analysis

One of the key features of AIP is that it involves much closer working relationships between you, your customer, and NSK. Working together, we can share ideas, responsibilities and insights that can dramatically improve customer satisfaction and trust, as well as your profitability


AIP represents a customized solution which identifies and quantifies the improvements and savings end user can benefit from through

·         An end-to-end service delivering success

·         Increased efficiency, effectiveness and reliability

·         Maximizing productivity

·         Enhanced safety

·         Better skilled and educated personnel

·         Optimized inventory, releasing working capital

·         Added value improvements

·         Reducing the total cost of ownership


To calculate and document cost savings, NSK has developed valuable Calculation Tools. 

Cost Saver

The Cost Saver Tool helps to identify all bearing related costs now and with an improved NSK solution in order to compare and calculate the total cost saving.

The Cost-Benefit Analysis looks at the total maintenance costs of a machine and calculates a break-even point for implementing a new bearing solution. This allows understanding when a machine with a new solution achieves the pay back point and starts to reduce overall maintenance costs. 

Available in 12 languages and featuring 10 different currencies from Europe, Americas and Asia.


AIP for End users

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