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Hybrid Vehicles (HEV)

The market for Hybrid Transmissions has been growing strongly over the last decade, together with the CO2 regulations worldwide.

Hybrid Transmissions run under very specific operating conditions such as ultra-high speeds using large size motors and generators or low-viscosity oil. Conventional products would not fulfil these specific requirements, our latest innovations in this area enable the hybrid systems to reach the highest possible efficiency combing performance, low-friction and long-life.
As a leading bearing supplier for Hybrid Transmissions, NSK continues to develope new concepts based on four core technologies: Tribology, Materials, Numerical Simulation and Mechatronics.

Low-torque ball bearing for Hybrid Vehicles

NSK new Low-Torque Ball Bearing enables a 50-65% improvement in frictional loss compared to conventional products  >>

Long-Life Lipped Thrust Race

NSK develops Long-Life Lipped Thrust Race for use in severe lubrication conditions 

Ultra-High-Speed Large-Diameter Ball Bearing for motors In Hybrid Vehicles

NSK's Large-diameter Bearing delivers the fastest rotation speeds of any ball bearing for automotive applications with two million dmn 

Ultra High-Speed Ball Bearings

NSK develops Ultra High-speed Ball Bearings for motors and power generators in next generation Hybrid Vehicles. This product delivers ultra-high speed rotations of over 30,000 rpm, 50% faster than conventional bearings.