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Spherical Roller Bearing - Detachable Seal

Developed as the first detachable seal for SRB's to achieve long life with excellent sealing performance. >>

NSKHPS Series Roller Bearings

Advanced material technology offering higher speeds and higher load ratings.  >>

Spherical Roller Bearings with CAM cage

Designed with a precision-machined tough solid brass cage.  >>

EA Series Roller Bearings

Standard size spherical roller bearings.

EVB Series Roller Bearings

Heat stabilized up to 200°C, with a one-piece machined brass cage & special ring tolerances to withstand vibration, shock loads & misalignment.

CA Series Roller Bearings

Equipped with special brass cage.

Long-life-Vibrating Screen Roller Bearings

Engineered specifically to withstand hard working environments & frequent vibration.  >>

Integrated Bearing Assemblies

Customized housings for vibratory screen manufacturers.  >>

SWR Series Roller Bearings

Provides solutions to challenges in continuous casting guide rolls.  >>

SWR SRB Product Sheet

TL Series Roller Bearings

Specifically designed for dryer rolls in papermaking machinery operating under extremely high temperature conditions.  >>

TL SRB Product Sheet

Molded-Oil Bearings

Containing NSK’s original oil-impregnated material offering continuous lubrication during operation- suitable for corrosive and dust-contaminated environments. >>

Molded Oil Product Sheet

Sealed Spherical Roller Bearings

Promoting a clean working enviroment, these bearings offer long-life performance & reliability under harsh & contaminated conditions.  >>

TF Series Bearings

Designed for outstanding toughness under harsh conditions, combining longer service life & superior resistance against wear, seizure & heat.  >>

Quiet & low-vibration series

Specifically designed for elevators.  >>

Triple Ring Bearings

Offers two different types of inner/outer bearing combinations -specifically for papermaking machinery.  >>

Ultra-Large split bearings

Reduces maintenance and replacement cost.  >>


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