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Brian Parsons, CEO NSK Americas

NSK Americas specifies the highest standards of conduct that all employees should adhere to in the NSK Code of Corporate Ethics. It is the policy of NSK for all team members to comply with relevant laws and regulations in all of their corporate activities and always act according to the highest business and personal ethical standards. Each NSK team member must practice honesty and integrity when dealing with other NSK team members, the public, the business community, shareholders, customers, suppliers and government authorities in order to help NSK continue growing as a company that earns the trust of the international and local communities.

NSK Americas believes in and supports free and fair competition as a core value in how we conduct business. It promotes an economic process which efficiently allocates resources and stimulates innovation. Over time, free and fair competition creates sustainable value for successful enterprises and their stakeholders.

While we understand all employees are motivated by the success of our organization, we should not allow this loyalty to cause us to overstep ethical and legal boundaries.

Together, we can help NSK be a positive example for all to follow.

Brian Parsons
NSK Americas

NSK Americas Compliance and Ethics Statement

Americas Compliance and Ethics Statement


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