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Company - 2020-03-24

Facing the serious global COVID-19 situation, NSK Americas continues to place the highest priority on the health and safety of our employees, customers and suppliers while working intensely to ensure business and supply continuity for our customers.

Important steps we have taken include:

·         Our Offices reacted quickly with the vast majority of staff now Working From Home and fully operational. All staff remain accessible via the usual channels. There are restrictions on visitors to NSK offices.

·         Our Distribution Centers took swift measures to secure operations. External visitors are limited to the facility, shifts are segregated with no overlap in shift change. They will continue to operate to fill orders to meet customer needs. 

·         Our Plants have taken similar protective measures.  They have reasonable safety stocks of components and raw materials and are working closely with our suppliers to manage their supply chain and secure maintain production.

·         We continue to monitor conditions across the US, Canada, Mexico and Latin America, and within our global supply chains.


Brian Parsons, CEO, NSK Americas and Vice President of NSK Ltd. states: “As a Critical Infrastructure supplier to many key industries, NSK is focused on keeping its employees safe and healthy, and maintaining full support to its customers.”