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Bearing Heaters

NSK offers a wide range of bearing heaters for bearings sizes as large as 850mm and up to 800kg

Heater Offering includes:

  • IHN010  Hot Spot  for small workpieces. Portable, compact and very light (7.7lbs)
  • IHN080  for heating small to medium size bearings with a weight up to 176 lb (80kg)
  • IHN120  for heating small to medium size bearings with a weight up to 260 lb (120kg) For permanent operation.
  • IHN300  for heating large size bearings up to 660 lbs (300kg)
  • IHN800  for heating of large size bearings up to 1,777 lbs (800kg)

Mounting Tools

Incorrect mounting can lead to bearing damage and early breakdown or worse case, bearing failure.  Reasons include:
  • Damages caused during the mounting process
  • Wrong tolereances of the bearing carrier on the shaft or inside the housing
  • Loosening of the locknut during operation
  • Burrs and damages on the shaft and the housing seats and shoulders

NSK offers the following bearing mounting and dismounting tools:

  • Bearing Fitting Tool
  • Ball Bearing Pullers, Pushers, Straighteners and Tri-Section Press Plates
  • Sinebars
  • Hydraulic Nuts
  • Hydraulic Pumps
  • Spanner Wrenches

Tools Catalogs

Bearing Maintenance Tools

Bearing Maintenance Tools