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Damage Condition Possible Causes Countermeasures

Wear is surface deterioration with loss of material, due to sliding friction at contact points. Wear modes include: 

  • Abrasive
  • Adhesive
  • Entry of debris
  • Poor lubrication
  • Sliding due to irregular motion of rolling elements
  • Improve the sealing mechanism
  • Clean the housing
  • Filter the lubrication oil thoroughly
  • Check the lubricant and lubrication method
  • Prevent misalignment


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Wear 1

Part: Outer ring of a cylindrical roller bearing
Symptom: Smearing, a form of adhesive wear, occurs circumferentially on raceway surface.
Cause: Roller sliding due to excessive grease fill

Wear 2

Part: Outer ring of a spherical roller bearing
Symptom: Wear with a wavy or concave-convex texture on loaded side of raceway surface
Cause: Entry of debris under repeated vibration while stationary

Wear 3

Part: Inner ring of a double-row tapered roller bearing
Symptom: Fretting Wear of raceway and stepped Wear on the rib face
Cause: Fretting progression due to excessive load while stationary

Wear 4

Part: Tapered rollers of damage “Wear 3”
Symptom: Stepped Wear on the roller head end faces
Cause: Fretting progression due to excessive load while stationary


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Guide to prevention and countermeasures for bearing failures