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Molded-Oil Bearings

Containing NSK’s original oil-impregnated material offering continuous lubrication during operation- suitable for corrosive and dust-contaminated environments. >>

Molded Oil Product Sheet

Aqua Bearings

A special fluororesin on outer/inner rings, balls & cages equipped to meet a broad range of light load applications in water, alkali & strong acid environments.  >>

Stainless Steel Ball Bearings

Designed for high humidity environments.  >>

Hybrid Ball Bearings

With a combination of ceramic balls and fluororesin self-lubricating cages, Hybrid bearings are suitable for corrsoive environments from normal to vacuum atmospheres.  >>

Fluoride Low-Temperature Chrome-Coated Ball Bearings

Stainless steel bearing specially designed for high temperature and water-splash environments.

All-Ceramic Ball Bearings

With self-llubricating fluororesin cages, these bearings are suitable for corrosive environments & non-magnetic requirement from normal atmosphere up to vacuum.

Nickel Alloy Coated Ball Bearings

Nickel coating on the outer & inner rings to enhance corrosion resistance & durability.  >>

Precipitation-Hardened Stainless Steel Hybrid Ball Bearings

Utilizing oxide-based or silicon nitrate-based ceramics, these bearings are designed for alkali and weak acid environments.

Carbide-Based Ceramic Ball Bearings

Highest corrosion resistance among ceramics - designed for strong acid, strong alkali and corrosive gas environments.

Resin Ball Bearings

More durable than stainless steel ball bearings - designed for strong acid, strong alkali and corrosive gas environments.

SJ Ball Bearings

Outstanding performance in normal atmospheric and vacuum environments up to 400º.


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