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Contaminated environments in Quarrying & Mining Industries

NSK Bearings Help Reduce Downtime from the Effects of Contaminated Lubrication

Rolling bearings are key components to ensure continuous production in all areas of quarrying and extraction industries. In dusty, grity, moisture laden atmospheres encountered in quarries, bearings can fail prematurely due to contaminated lubricant. Where this problem is prevalent, no amount of maintenance will solve it. Instead, the solution lies with new bearing materials technology including NSK’s Hi-TF and Super-TF bearing steels.

In comparison with bearings made of ordinary carburized steel, Hi-TF offers up to 7x's the life with contaminated lubricant, and up to 1.5x's the life with clean lubricant. Super-TF material improves on these figures by offering up to 10x's the life with contaminated lubrication and up to twice the life where the lubricant is clean. Where the problem is related to insufficient lubrication, the life of Super TF is still impressive with up to  5.5x's (4.7 for Hi-TF) that of ordinary carburized steel.