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Bearing Heaters

NSK offers a wide range of bearing heaters for bearings as large as 850mm and up to 800kg

Offering includes:

  • Hot Plate  Heater for small sized workpiecs
  • IHN010  Heater for small workpieces for use in a variety of work placs
  • IHN080  Heater for small and medium sized workpieces
  • IHN120  Heater for fan cooling for permanent operation and small and medium sized work pieces
  • IHN300  Heater for big workpieces
  • IHN800  Heater for large and very large workpieces 

Mounting Tools

Incorrect mounting can lead to bearing damage and early breakdown or worse case, bearing failure.  Reasons include:
  • Damages caused during the mounting process
  • Wrong tolereances of the bearing carrier on the shaft or inside the housing
  • Loosening of the locknut during operation
  • Burrs and damages on the shaft and the housing seats and shoulders

NSK offers the following bearing mounting and dismounting tools:

  • Bearing Fitting Tool
  • Ball Bearing Pullers, Pushers, Straighteners and Tri-Section Press Plates
  • Sinebars
  • Hydraulic Nuts
  • Hydraulic Pumps
  • Spanner Wrenches

Tools Catalogs

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