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Gas Turbine Blade Casting

NSK Success Stories - Gas Turbine Blade Casting: NSK propose an alternative wheel design using a cylindrical roller bearing, with improvements in sealing and lubrication.

Pilger Mill

NSK Industries - Pilger Mill: NSK proposed a special Spherical Roller Bearing with optimised internal design and Super Tough (STF) steel.

Wire guides

NSK Industries - Wire guides: NSK investigated on a wire manufacturer who was experiencing frequent damage on final products due to bearing failures within their wire guides

Air Recirculation Fan

NSK Industries - Air Recirculation Fan: Significant cost saving generated by removing the need for compressed air cooling

Quench Conveyor

NSK Industries - Quench Conveyor: NSK stainless steel Molded-Oil bearings last 12 months operation without failure

Rotary Coal Valve

NSK Industries - Rotary Coal Valve: RHP HLT bearing insert within a Self-Lube cast iron FC housing generate significant cost saving

Coiler Gearbox

NSK Industries - Coiler Gearbox: A manufacturer of steel mill planned to mount for the first time NSK bearings inside a huge gearbox that rolls metal sheet during manufacturing from a cold mill.

Dust Extraction Fan

NSK Industries - Dust Extraction Fan: A steel manufacturer was experiencing regular failures within its Ore Preparation Plant (OPP). The plant was fitted with housed bearing units installed on a 60mm shaft and running at approximately 1485 rpm.

Continuous Annealing Process Line

NSK Industries - Continuous Annealing Process Line: NSK's engineers identified that bearing type and sealing arrangement were inadequate for the application

Cold Form Saw for Steel Tube

NSK Industries - Cold Form Saw for Steel Tube: No failures after 12 months of operation due to replacement to NSK ball screw support unit

Wire Forming Production

NSK Industries - Wire Forming Production: NSK suggest a trial using a specially selected Lithium Complex grease together with a Sealed Double Row CylindricalRoller Bearing Unit

Rotary Valve

NSK Success Stories - Rotary Valve: NSK recommends a customized HLT bearing insert within a Self-Lube cast iron FC housing together with aspecial heat isolating spacer.

Hot Strip Mill

NSK Industries - Hot Strip Mill: A large manufacturer of steel wanted to increase replacement intervals for 4-row Tapered Roller Bearings used in the hot strip mill. Due to severe operation conditions, standard bearings provided 1.400 hours of operation.

Plate Rolling Mill

NSK Industries - Plate Rolling Mill: NSK Sealed Clean 4 row tapered roller bearing assembly reduce grease disposal costs & maintenance time.

Cold Rolling Mill

NSK Industries - Cold Rolling Mill: A Manufacturer of Steel was experiencing continued failures of bearings on their Cold Rolling Mill. NSK engineers conducted an application review and found the highly contaminated operating conditions were leading to unexpected failures.

Cold Rolling Mill - Steel Strip

NSK Industries - Cold Rolling Mill: NSK 4-row WTF (Water-Tough) Bearings for a better resistance to damages caused by debris ingress.

Dust Extraction Fan - Coal Dust

NSK Industries - Dust Extraction Fan: NSKHPS Spherical Roller Bearings in combination with SNN Plummer Blocks and labyrinth seals for increased productivity and reduced maintenance costs

Continuous Casting Machine - Production of shaped Sections

NSK Industries - Continuous Casting Machine: A steel manufacturer could achieve a significant cost saving due to NSK's SWR Spherical Roller Bearings

Continuous Casting Machine

NSK Industries - Continuous Casting Machine: A Steel maker was experiencing Problems with their continuous casting machine for steel sections. The lifetime of a cylindrical roller bearing mounted on a continuous cast roller was about one to two months.


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