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Steel Industry (Source: Dillinger Hüttenwerke

In steel & non-ferrous industries, bearings are found in a wide range of plant equipment used in both upstream and downstream processes: from raw material storage yard to the steelmaking, rolling and refining processes.   

The operational environment is unique to steelmaking, with particle contamination, water intrusion and high heat. They must also deal with heavy or shock loads, vibration, operational speeds ranging from extremely slow to extremely high, coupled with rapid acceleration and deceleration -this makes for a demanding operating environment.

NSK offers a comprehensive range of bearings to help combat these issues, from standard bearings to our own innovatively developed, high-capacity bearings. 

AIST Technical Article- September 2018

Bearing Fatigue Life: The Detrimental Effect of Carbide Segregation

NSK Advanced Technical Engineer, Beth Brazitis and Senior Application Engineer, Paul Brda presented a technical paper on Bearing Fatigue Life: The Detrimental Effect of Carbide Segregation at the 2017 AISTech. The full paper has been published in the September 2018 issue of AIST. 


Complete Article>>

Continuous Casting Machines

Operating conditions: 
Heat, heavy loads, steam (water spray), extremely low speeds, scale and skewed positioning

Differential speeds in the roller/raceway contact zone can cause uneven wear in spherical roller bearings. Spalling and cracks on the raceway of the outer ring are costly as they cause unplanned production stoppages and excessive cost in replacement bearings.

To combat this problem, NSK has developed bearings with reliable materials and special design. The chemical composition of the steel used, patented heat treatments and carefully checked optimum retained austenite content all make SWR bearings extremely wear-resistant, resulting in longer service life.

NSK also offers the “RUB” bearing series which consists of cylindrical roller bearings with a self-aligning outer ring (floating bearings). The “RUB” design prevents excessive wear and therefore eliminates stoppages because there is no differential speed in the roller/raceway contact zone. Also available is the newly developed “AR” series, a range of taper roller bearings with a self-aligning outer ring (fixed bearings).

Our Innovations:
SWR Spherical Roller Bearings for Use in Continous Casting
Cylindrical Roller Beaings with Aligning Rings for Locating Position
Taper Roller Bearings with Aligning Rings for Locating Position
Long-Life Split Cylindrical Roller Bearing Units

Continuous Casting Machines


Rolling Mills

Operating conditions: 
Wide-ranging speeds, heavy loading from rolling forces, oscillations, shock loading and high temperatures, penetration of scale and water

Grease lubricated rolling mills such as hot strip, skin pass, cold rolling and finishing mills use large quantities of grease. Insufficient lubrication can quickly lead to premature failure. In addition to this, the operating conditions mean that foreign matter and moisture frequently contaminate the bearings.  This results in spalling, seizure, high bearing consumption costs and unplanned stoppages on the production line.

NSK ultra-pure steel for maximum reliability

NSK offers specific bearings for rolling mills which guarantee higher reliability and longer operational service life. Sealed bearings minimize the environmental impact and help reduce grease consumption. Ultra-pure steel (STF series) with optimum heat treatment prevents cracks and early raceway damage. In addition, NSK has developed WTF material (WTF series) for bearings which are exposed to water penetration. The four-row extra-capacity sealed-clean taper roller bearings (KVS series) are capacity-optimized, resistant to contamination by foreign matter and boast improved sealing performance. We offer these bearings in a wide range of materials to suit different operating conditions.

Our Innovations:
Super-TF Roll Neck Bearings
WTF Roll-Neck Bearings
Extra-Capacity Sealed-Clean Roll Neck Bearings

Rolling Mills

Tension Leveler

Operating conditions:
Tension leveler applications encounter diverse environment conditions. If roll torque is too high, slipping may occur, resulting in damage to the strip. Wet or dusty conditions can add contamination to bearings increasing torque and causing rough operation. Different environments call for various bearing design options to maximize performance in this demanding applicatoin. 

NSK bearing units can be supplied in a variety of design options including seal, roll material, and precision to battle these conditions. Low torque seals and grease prevent slipping. Corrosion resistant roll materials offer extended life in wet and dusty conditions. All of these features can be incorporated to minimize downtime in this critical application.

Operating conditions: 
High Accuracy, high load

Sendzimir or Z mill applications roll very thin stock and require finished produc with high accuracies of up to .0005" of tolerance. There are high loads from greater reductions per pass. Due to the expensive metals that are rolled in this application such as brass, gold, stainless steel, and titanium, failures can be costly.

A typical problem for bearings in furnace applicaitons: the swivel bearing cannot be replaced without dismantling the central wheel. This makes replacing the bearings time-consuming and increases maintenance costs. The downtime causes production stoppages and increases cost to the mill.

NSK Z mill bearings feature a heavy duty outer ring capable of being reground and used through several campaigns. Bearings are matched and feature high precision running accuracy to meet the tolerance requirements of these expensive metals. Various material, sealing, and lubrication options are available to meet each application. 


Operating conditions: 
High temperatures, heavy loads, low speeds and oscillations

A typical problem for bearings in furnace applicaitons: the swivel bearing cannot be replaced without dismantling the central wheel. This makes replacing the bearings time-consuming and increases maintenance costs. The downtime causes production stoppages and increases cost to the mill.

To solve this problem, engineers from NSK have developed split bearings with an outer ring, an inner ring, a roller and cage set, and a locking ring which incorporates the seal sliding surface. This allows bearings to be changed without removing the central wheel, reducing maintenance costs and shortening downtimes while bearings are replaced.

Our Innovations:
Ultra-Large Split Bearings for BOF

BOFS and Bessemer Converters

Super-TF Roll Neck Bearings

The world’s first high performance and highly durable roll neck bearing.  >>

SWR Series Roller Bearings

Provides solutions to challenges in continuous casting guide rolls.  >>

SWR SRB Product Sheet

WTF (Water-Tough) Bearings

Utilizes advanced technologies such as ultrahigh clean-material technology for bearing material and NSK’s proprietary heat-treatment technology.  >>

Ultra-Large split bearings

Reduces maintenance and replacement cost.  >>

Taper Roller Bearing with Aligning Rings

A highly functional, specilized bearings for the locating position of continuous casting machines.  >>

Full Complement Crane Sheave Bearings

Featuring high performance seals, a highly corrosion resistant phosphate coating.  >>

Extra-Capacity Sealed-Clean Four Row Taper Roller Bearings

Offering higher load capacity with greater sealing performance; and adopt Super-TF & WTF™ material.  >>

Cylindrical Roller Bearings with Aligning Rings

A highly functional specialized bearing for the non-locating position of continuous casting machines >>

Steel and NSK

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