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NSK Bearings Help Pumps Run for Longer, More Reliably & with Reduced Maintenance

NSK Bearings in Pumps

Industry needs to extend pump life to reduce unplanned maintenance and operational costs.

Centrifugal pumps are the most common industrial pumps in the world with a variety of configurations and sizes.  The bearing permits the shaft to rotate freely while minimizing mechanical loss, and is a crucial part of the pump but can be the cause of pump failure. In order for the bearing to continuously perform its function it is important to know application parameters of load, speed, environment and how they commonly fail to assure reliability.  

There are many causes for bearing failure. The most common causes are:

  • contamination
  • poor lubrication
  • excessive wear
  • excessive loading
  • Improper assembly & handling

Pump users in quarrying and extraction industries can meet the operating demands for improved pump life, with NSK’s new generation NSKHPS™ (High Performance Standard) range of angular contact ball bearings. The basic dynamic load rating of these bearings has been improved by 20% increasing bearing L10 life1 by up to 2 times.  This allows for longer running and reduced maintenance intervals and can enable a reduction in bearing size for new pump designs.

The optimal design characteristics that provide longer life operation on the HPS™ series are also key to the higher speed operation of the bearings; permissible speed being increased by 20% compared to conventional angular contact ball bearings. The major benefit of this increase for pump users is reduced operating temperatures, enabling the bearings to operate in a higher range of high-speed pump applications.

1L10 life means that, statistically, at least 90% of the bearings exposed to the maximum indicated loads will reach the number of operating hours predicted.