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NSK Bearings Help you Achieve Longer Life from Quarry Conveyors

NSK Bearings for Quarrying Conveyors

Conveyors are a crucial piece of equipment in quarries. They are subjected to arduous operating conditions that can cause failure of bearings in their rollers, pulleys motors or gearboxes, resulting in expensive downtime. NSKHPS series of spherical roller bearings effectively addresses these problems. NSKHPS series delivers improved performance with twice the running life (as the result of minimizing slippage) compared to conventional SRB of the same size, and a maximum limiting running speed - improved by up to 20 %. These performance advantages  reduce maintenance and energy costs, and can often enable product downsizing.

Molded-Oil is another NSK solution that greatly improves the life performance of bearings in quarrying conveyors. By utilizing an oil-impregnated polymer, Molded Oil provides a solution for conveyor bearings that are difficult to access and/or are used places where oil and grease absorbing dust is produced. It can transform the performance of bearings, in terms of reliability, maintenance free intervals and operation in environments exposed to contamination. It also enables plant operators to make real cost savings by replacing existing, and often costly, methods of lubricating machine parts.