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A supplier for a major UK Brewery was experiencing regular bearing failures in their grain stirrer application. Bearings needed to be replaced regularly resulting in high replacement costs and loss of production. NSK reviewed the application and advised that a Spherical Roller Bearing would be better suited to the application. This bearing recommendation resulted in longer bearing life and reduced unplanned downtime.

Key Facts

  • 4 Germination Vessels
  • 22 Stirrer Units per Vessel
  • Vertical Application
  • Competitors Self Aligning Ball Bearing failed regularly due to the application conditions
  • NSK solution: Self Aligning Ball Bearing with SWR series Spherical Roller Bearing
  • Bearing life extended by 3 to 4 times
  • Germination Vessel - Stirrer Unit
  • SWR series Spherical Roller Bearing

Value Proposals

  • NSK Engineers performed an Application Review together with a Failed Bearing Analysis
  • A recommendation of NSK Spherical Roller Bearings with large load capacity was made
  • A trial of NSK SWR series Spherical Roller Bearings resulted in 3 to 4 times longer bearing life

Product Features

  • Improved material strength of outer ring.
  • Ability to use with or without seals.
  • Improved wear resistance – three times compared to AISI 52100 bearing steel.
  • Minimized outer-ring friction to extend flaking life.
  • Improved flaking life property – five times compared to AISI 52100 bearing steel.
  • Material strength improved to prevent breakage of the outer ring after the occurrence of flaking - five times compared to AISI 52100 bearing steel.
  • SWR can replace standard SRB without modifying the axle boxes.

Cost Saving Breakdown

Before Cost p.a. NSK Solution Cost p.a.
Bearing costs on 4 vessels $16,281 Bearing costs on 4 vessels $15,594
Labor costs 50/hr x 13hr x 4 vessels $53,065 Labor costs 50/hr x 22 Units x 8hr x 4 vessels $53,065
Downtime costs:  50/hr x 13hr x 4 vessels $7,839 Downtime cost: none $0
Bearing Replacement x 4 vessels $48,847 Bearing Replacement: none $0
Total Costs $126,032 $68,659