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A premium vegetable processing company was experiencing frequent bearing failure on a vegetable wash application. Failures caused significant downtime and reduced production. NSK carried out a bearing failure analysis revealing ingress of contamination leading to significant reduction in bearing time. NSK recommended NSK Life-Lube with Molded-Oil inserts. A trial was conducted demonstrating improved bearing life which reduced downtime, maintenance costs and increased productivity.

Key Facts

  • High volume vegetable cleaning line
  • Frequent bearing failure caused significant production down time and high maintenance costs
  • Water and hard particle ingress
  • NSK Solution: Life-Lube with Molded-Oil inserts
  • Bearing life increased from 1.5 months to over 12 months
  • Productivity improvement
  • Carrot wascher
RHP Life-Lube Molded-Oil, Bearing Unit, cut, 874x555
  • NSK Molded-Oil insert

Value Proposals

  • NSK engineering conducted a Bearing Failure Analysis showing ingress of contamination into the bearing causing washout of lubricant and subsequent bearing failure
  • NSK engineering conducted a Process Mapping exercise of the application identifying problematic bearing areas
  • NSK engineering conducted an Application Analysis of the washer application and proposed NSK Life-Lube units with Molded-Oil inserts
  • A test phase was agreed which resulted in an increase of bearing life from 1.5 months to over 12 months
  • The customer realized increased productivity and reduced maintenance costs

Product Features

  • PBT thermoplastic resin housing
  • Molded-Oil inserts (with solid lubricant)
  • Martensitic stainless steel
  • Nitrile rubber seals
  • Available in Pillow Block, 2 and 4 bolt flanges and take-up unit housings
  • Bore size 20mm - 40mm
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Paint free housings, preventing chipping & flaking
  • Resistant to contamination increasing operating life
  • Ideal for operations where fluid process is unavoidable
  • No need for re-lubrication

Cost Saving Breakdown

Before Cost p.a. NSK Solution Cost p.a.
Lost Production $12,253 Lost Produciton: None in 12 months $0
Maintenance: 2 personnel @ $19/hr for 2 hrs x 9 shut downs per year $684 Maintenance: none €0
Total Costs $12,937 $0



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