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A leading manufacturer of seeding machines experienced bearing failure problems with their seeding discs of their Precision Seed Drills. After 500ha use they experienced nearly 100% failure rate, from clearance to loss of the whole seeding disc. After investigating the failed bearings, NSK found entry of dirt and contamination as the cause for the failures. NSK suggested an improved seal for the bearing with the same outer dimensions so that the customer did not have to change their design.
NSK proposed a double lip seal specifically developed for applications in these types of harsh environments. With this solution the lifetime was improved by at least 3 times, which saved the customer not only material costs but also several service hours to replace the failed bearings.

Key Facts

  • Seeding machine manufacturer
  • Bearing failures after short term due Ingress of dirt
  • NSK solution: DLS (double lip seal) series bearing 
  • Improved lifetime by at least 3 times
  • Cost saving for material and maintenance achieved

Precision Seed Drill Precision Seed Drill
Ultra-Sealed Radial Insert Ball Bearing - DLS Series Ultra-Sealed Radial Insert Ball Bearing - DLS Series

Background Information

  • Industry: Agriculture
  • End-product: Grain and vegetables
  • Application: Seeding Machine

  • Number of machines: 1
  • Approx. Life: 500ha
  • Problem: Bearings failures due to ingress of dirt

Value Proposals

  • Investigation of the failed bearings
  • NSK proposed DLS seal development for contaminated environments

  • Bearings failures were eliminated
  • Bearing life = three times longer

Product Features

  • Heavy dust protection by sheet metal cover
  • Fine pollution protection by abrasion-resistant double-lip seal
  • Wear resistant
  • High quantity of grease compared to standard Deep Groove Ball Bearings

  • Multiple lifetimes compared to standard insert bearings at heavy contamination
  • Further applications are chain wheels, tensioning roller, cultivation, tillage
  • Basic design of 62 Deep Groove Ball Bearings with wide inner ring. Therefore no additional space is required

Cost Saving Breakdown

Cost p.a.
Annual bearings replacement cost savings $58,131
Maintenance cost reduction $5,285
Total Costs $63,416

Reference: SS-E-1020

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