Damage Condition Possible Causes Countermeasures

Flaking occurs when small pieces of bearing material are split off from the smooth surface of the raceway or rolling elements due to rolling fatigue, thereby creating regions having rough and coarse texture

Excessive load; Poor mounting (misalignment); Moment load; Entry of foreign debris, water penetration; Poor lubrication, improper lubricant; Unsuitable bearing clearance; Improper precision for shaft or housing, unevenness in housing rigidity, large shaft bending; Progression from rust, corrosion pits, Smearing, dents (brinelling)

  • Reconfirm the bearing application and check the load conditions
  • Improve the mounting method
  • Improve the sealing mechanism, prevent rusting during non-running
  • Use a lubricant with a proper viscosity, improve the lubrication method
  • Check the precision of shaft and housing
  • Check the bearing internal clearance