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Automatic transmission

Automatic Transmission

Automatic transmissions ensure smooth gear changes with minimal shift shock while operating under various kinds of driving conditions.

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Manual transmission

Manual Transmission

Manual transmissions must adequately meet driver expectations of control by conveying a smooth, precise, and crisp feeling.

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Differential gear & propellar shaft

Differential Gear & Propeller shaft

In FR vehicles, the engine power is transmitted to the rear differential gear via the propeller shaft

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Electrical Accessories

Electrical Accessories

NSK's engine-driven accessory bearings have a successful record of operating under the harsh conditions & severe environment of the engine bay

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Engine bearings & components

Engine parts

NSK's offers compact and durable engine parts.

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Electric power steering

Electric Power Steering

The lightweight and compact EPS improves fuel efficiency.

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Manual steering columns

Manual Steering Columns

Steering Columns with adjustment capability and effective energy absorbtion features.

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Intermediate shafts

Shafts and Joints

Lightweight components with integrated functions to collapse, capability to adjust body frame movements, energy absorbtion during collision.

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Asset improvement programme

Asset Improvement Program

Saving our customers millions...learn more about the program.


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